Tito Lopez – The Blues

Tito Lopez "Have Mercy"

50 Cent – 5 (Murder By Numbers)

 01. My Crown [Prod. By Focus]
02. NY [Prod. By Trax]
03. United Nations [Prod. By Mr. Colt 45]
04. Business Mind [Prod. By Hit-Boy]
05. Roll That Shit (Feat. Kidd Kidd) [Prod. By The Letter "C"]
06. Leave The Lights On [Prod. By Trax]
07. Money [Prod. By Havoc]
08. Definition Of Sexy [Prod. By Havoc]
09. Be My Bitch (Feat. Brevi) [Prod. By Harvey Mason Jr.]
10. Can I Speak To You (Feat. Schoolboy Q) [Prod. By DJ Pain 1]


Tito Lopez – The Hunger Game

01. Intro
02. Try Me [Prod. By Big Soj]
03. Have Mercy [Prod. By Omar Gee]
04. Conversation With Tito [Prod. By Andre Laudz]
05. No Haters Allowed
06. Mass Appeal 2.0 [Prod. By Futuristiks]
07. Fuck It
08. Devil’s Pie Freestyle]
09. Jessica [Prod. By The Letter C]
10. Kheperah (Interlude)
11. Mama Proud
12. Kosta (Interlude)
13. Ventilation [Prod. By Omari MC]
14. They Told Me [Prod. By Sleep Deez for The Academy]
15. Black Ice Freestyle
16. It’s Hard Pt. 2 [Prod. By Futuristiks]


Tito Lopez "Jessica"

Joey Bada$$ Mixtape

01. Joey Bada$$ – Summer Knights [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] (1:56)
02. Joey Bada$$ – Waves [Prod. By Freddie Joachim] (3:32)
03. Joey Bada$$ – FromdaTomb$ (Feat. Chuck Strangers) [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] [Scratches By Statik Selektah] (3:25)
04. Joey Bada$$ – Survival Tactics (Feat. Capital STEEZ) [Prod. By Vin Skully] (3:23)
05. Joey Bada$$ – Killuminati (Feat. Capital STEEZ) [Prod. By Knxwledge] (2:34)
06. Joey Bada$$ – Hardknock (Feat. CJ Fly) [Prod. By Lewis Parker] (5:18)
07. Joey Bada$$ – World Domination [Prod. By MF DOOM] (2:43)
08. Joey Bada$$ – Pennyroyal [Prod. By MF DOOM] (2:50)
09. Joey Bada$$ – Funky Ho’$ [Prod. By Lord Finesse] (4:29)
10. Joey Bada$$ – Daily Routine [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] (2:58)
11. Joey Bada$$ – Snakes (Feat. T’nah Apex) [Prod. By J Dilla] (4:19)
12. Joey Bada$$ – Don’t Front (Feat. CJ Fly) [Prod. By Statik Selektah] (4:22)
13. Joey Bada$$ – Righteous Minds [Prod. By Bruce LeeKix] (3:44)
14. Joey Bada$$ – Where It’$ At (Feat. Kirk Knight) [Prod. By J Dilla] (4:09)
15. Joey Bada$$ – Suspect (Feat. PRO ERA (Capital STEEZ, CJ Fly, Chuck Strangers, Dyemond Lewis, NYCk Caution, Kirk Knight, Rokamouth, T’nah Apex & Dessy Hinds) [Prod. By Chuck Strangers] (11:47)


Jadakiss ft. Styles P -Dope Boys

Pusha T - Exodus 23:1

Lil Fame "Misery"

Blu - Kiss The Sky Ft. Mela Machinko

Mary J Ft Ross -Why